An interNationally touring 360 degree video installation piece
Shadowlight: The Cattle Car Experience is a mobile museum installation that is currently on its second year of touring across North America, designed by Sagi Kahane-Rapport.

The Cattle Car Experience is housed within a life size, period accurate replica of a 1940's German boxcar. During the Holocaust, boxcars like these were used by the Nazis to transport victims of the Holocaust to the death camps.
Inside the car, a 360 degree video is projected onto the interior walls, around the audience inside. The Cattle Car Experience tells the story of Nate Leipciger and Hedy Bohm, two Holocaust survivors who survived harrowing journeys in a car just like this one.
Through this immersive and experiential film, audiences learn about the Holocaust and the lessons it can still teach about today.

Facts, figures, and numbers fade, but experiences remain. More than anything, this is an emotional experience - which leaves lessons and learnings that carry far beyond the classroom.




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Shadowlight: The Cattle Car Experience continues its international tour for 2023, after a successful touring schedule in 2022. As it travels, it continues to bring these important stories to diverse communities across North America,